Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It’s not that difficult to move house


Mark Fraser

Let me argue a bit for Mr Duke. Government is stalling on letting public servants move into the Government Campus on the grounds that they canít find the cash to furnish the building complex. Thatís a poor excuse.

It found over $21 billion to give CLICO. It found hundreds of millions to give CAL which went bust for the 99th time. It found $8.4 million to give to the Soca Warriors.

Anyone who has ever moved house knows you donít leave the good furniture behind. Iíve been in Government buildings. They have good State-owned cubicles and furniture in these places. Whatís stopping them from moving cubicles, furniture, computers, refrigerators, the works from the old buildings to the new homes?

Is there a plan to contract hundreds of millions to some bunch of preferred interior designers, cubicle fitters to equip the building complex? It doesnít take a masterís degree to solve these simple logistic problems. It doesnít take much logic to deduce that building renters in Port of Spain and elsewhere wonít like this cost-effective solution...cost-effective for taxpayers not them.

Instead of hoarding these building outfitting contracts for a select few, why not make the requirements for the buildings very public so the nation can participate in outfitting its own Government Campus?

Spread the wealth.

It occurred to me that Government was pitching high building outfitting figures without tender contracts whenever talk of moving public servants came up.

Where are they getting these growing figures from unless they already worked the numbers with a private, preferred contractor, who was biding his time for the outfitting price to coincide with his preferred $71-million price tag. They can dump that idea.

Transfer fixtures and furniture from rented buildings to public, State-owned buildings. Give the media a walk-through of the Government Campus. We need to see for ourselves the status of its completion.

To finish outfitting Government Campus, contract whatever else is needed via media publication to private furniture makers, cubicle installers, etc. This way we remove the financial noose Government-preferred contractors have around the cheque books of ordinary citizens.

Neal and Massy tagged all its buildings and real estate with a new singular logo so the public would know who they are dealing with. It would be great to know who owns all the buildings rented by Government...which buildings belong to party financiers and which do not.

Make everything transparent.

S Parks

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