Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It’s nothing but an atrocity

 Have mercy on us Lord, for as a people of Trinidad and Tobago we have once again offended you and all that your word represents. We have disregarded the importance of what our country’s name represents—La Trinity. 

As I sat in mass on Ash Wednesday, and listened attentively to the homily of my parish priest, Fr Ian Taylor, my spirit was uncomfortable and I was moved to tears. 

Why? Because I realised that the atrocity that Carnival represents is slowly becoming a norm. The public vulgarity, the immorality that is displayed and especially the indecency of our women, it is outrageous. 

Why is it that on these two days, Carnival Monday and Tuesday, that the drunkenness, the indecent exposure, certain criminal acts and violence are accepted? 

Many of these are offences that one can be charged for on a daily basis. This is behaviour that has absolutely nothing to do with our culture and if your culture causes you to sin then it is not one to have. 

Now I am by no means here to tell anyone how to live their life. God’s word is not imprinted on my face but in my heart and I am not called a Bible! But it’s my duty to speak up and speak out against these sinful acts that seem to be plaguing our nation.

Every year discussions about these issues are raised and every year our response and attitude as a people remain the same. 

Over the years I have heard masqueraders say that Christians chastise them for their decisions so much so that they start condemning us Christians. 

Little do they know that in the midst of it all we are fighting for our peace of mind while travelling in maxis and hearing soca and seeing half-naked men and women parading through the streets. 

So don’t knock us because we are different and we try. We are struggling in this time to keep our eyes on Jesus.

And as my parish priest said as he placed the ashes on my forehead, “Repent and preach the Gospel” so I am doing that. 

During this Lenten season, let us as a nation under God, repent! Turn away from our atrocious ways. 

Anna-Maria Lezama

Via e-mail