Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It’s time to break the greed cycle

 The organised propagandists keep the truth from the public. They feed the public deflection issues, political infighting, sports, culture, violence, whatever it takes to get away with bid rigging, insider trading, preferred contractor hiring. 

If the public is alert to these tactics they can counteract them. By breaking the cycle of greed they can step in to do those million-dollar projects normally denied them. 

Some snakes are more hostile than others. Trinis unfortunately are conditioned to think if they pick the least venomous snakes to govern them all will be well. So they vote out some morbidly vicious ones, replacing them with some who haven’t shown their true colours. 

Or whose viciousness they have forgotten.

To address a problem smart people in any society ask, “what resources do we need to address this problem?” They attain a skill and become less dependent. By contrast, the lazy people ask, “who will come and address this problem for us?” State financiers answer the latter group, leaving them worse off.

I don’t think as many persons are as absent-minded as times past to vote on the basis of bread crumb handouts this time around. 

The Prakash Ramadhar Congress of the People elections victory  is a fair sample of the voters’ thinking. Voters are tired of the lord and peasant and chieftain and slave relationship. 

I would recommend voters change their diet. Look at the list of “independents” for starters. I know people vote “party” so their “clan” will control the House. But does that ever work in the best interest of you hard-working, NIS-paying workers? No. Therefore, change your voting strategy. 

Vote for smart, clean-cut, innovative, open-minded, creative thinking, brave, intrinsically not money- or power- or ego-driven representatives.

Sarah Parks

via e-mail