Saturday, February 24, 2018

It’s up to all of us to fight crime

The continuing unacceptable levels of criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago show that it is time for us citizens to step up and play an integral and active role in the fight against crime.

Surely our Police Service may have an arsenal of high-tech tools and equipment to use, but I believe it is the common man on the street and in our communities that packs the most punch. We, the people on the ground, are the ones who have and should share information on any criminal activity taking place in our local environment. Any information can prove vial.

As the old parable says “little axe could cut down big trees’’, which means we can all definitely play a key role in assisting the police with the capture and prosecution of criminals. Better yet, we don’t even have to show our faces to do our part against crime; confidential and secure avenues such as the RRU (911) and Crime Stoppers (555) are in place for us to use to secretly render information to the authorities. For too long, we the citizens have sat back and expected our law enforcers to do all the work while we sit on our laurels and criticise them for actions and decisions that they make in the line of duty. What would we profit by remaining mum on criminal elements in our communities, schools, workplaces and especially our homes? We could become their next victims.

The police cannot all be physically present in a flash when crime is taking place. So I call to my fellow citizens, let us all resolve to do what we can and offer information where and when it is necessary.

A further plea to the Prime Minister, to crack down on the so-called “criminals in high places’’. Madam Prime Minister, I believe that you along with the rest of the citizenship want a “sterile’’, safe country. We all are aware that criminals on the ground are being fed and supported by criminals in the upper ranks. I believe Madam PM, that as you get rid of criminals from the top-down, we citizens can assist law enforcers as they work from the bottom-up. Madam PM, we need your help to eliminate all rogue elements among us. From Government offices to the pavements, let us make it a combined and collaborative approach to win this crime war.

Vindra Dookie

via e-mail