Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jack, what is wrong with you?

Minister Jack Warner has finally said something that has made me lose my hope, faith and respect in him. Those words about Dr Kublalsingh: "he is killing himself and he better do it quickly" were degrading. That statement is lower than the white line in the road. And to think people stood up and even listened to that. Disgraceful Jack!

I have to agree with the former prime minister Basdeo Panday— "inhumane, distasteful, callous and insensitive." Whether persons are for or against Dr Kublalsingh's protest, there is no way Mr Warner should have said something so unpleasant. I wonder how he slept that night?

Mr Warner, you are not just a politician; you are a father, a role model (to some), a human being. What is wrong with you? Wayne Kublalsingh is a true man. He calmly overlooked your imprudence and decided not to respond. Check yourself Jack, check yourself. You are sinking deeper and deeper in your own mess.

A Glasgow