Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jack only following orders of his boss

It is time for the general public to admit that Minister Jack Warner is carrying out his mandate of National Security Minister, as granted to him by his Prime Minister. He stands, wrongfully accused, of attempting to change Trinbago into a police state.  

To date, Minister Warner cannot be faulted for following orders and always following them  to the best of his ability. When the local historians write of this period in our political history, 200 years from now, the year 2013 will be recorded as the year Warner was willing to put his reputation into the public domain in defence of his Prime Minister and his political party.  

Mr Warner's modus operandi was sanctioned by the Prime Minister. Anything, either said or done, will fall under the heading "blind obedience". Two hundred years from now, Warner, should he suffer because of negative political innuendo, will be regarded as a martyr to the political cause.  

Comparisons will be made to any other political turbulence that may have occurred within this time-frame in the wider Caribbean. It would be recorded for posterity if Warner was successful in extending the political life of his political party.

Jack Austin Warner will most likely to be recorded as a Robin Hood-type individual. He would be described as beloved by all (well most folks) and as interesting and vastly lovable rogue.

And all who vex at this historical insight, could stay vex.  Distance, time wise, would lend a certain amount of enchantment to the political machinations of the Minister of National Security. 

Lynette Joseph

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