Friday, February 23, 2018

Jokers don't deserve second chance

I have to say this New Flying Squad business reminds me of the western that swept the Academy Awards some years ago—Unforgiven, starring Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman and Richard Harris. Did you see it? It's a boss movie.

Unforgiven and the so-called New Flying Squad feature a bunch of old "gondoleros" bent on ridding the town of hoodlums. But Unforgiven was Hollywood. Trinidad is not Hollywood. Trinidad is real life and when bullets fly, the bodies tumbling to the ground don't get up and resume as normal when some film director says, "Cut! That's a wrap!"

I watched the news a few nights ago and saw how retired police sergeant Mervyn Cordner was practically frothing at the mouth, snapping and growling at the media persons who were trying to get to the bottom of their story. My, oh my! Those media persons must have been scared to death, the way these old officers were carrying on.

It seemed like every time they opened their mouths, it was to fly off the handle. It was a blood-curdling experience watching this so-called New Flying Squad in action. Fus' it was terrifying, the TV station should have put up a viewer discretion warning before running the tape.

Due to their "pitbull" demeanour, I'm very glad these jokers really aren't policemen anymore. Because of how they have turned on the very persons whom they claim recruited them, it's clear they were uncontrollable from the very beginning and don't deserve a second chance.

Let them ride off into the sunset, and bring on the soldiers to help top up the number of vibrant bodies available to police our nation!

Jacqueline George