Sunday, December 17, 2017

Just crabs in a barrel

WE have been an independent country for 50 years, and we are, generally, a disgrace. The only thing we are successful at is murder—a lesson we learned from Jamaica.

We passed the Dangerous Dog Bill, but we cannot enact it.

The tourism board is off to Germany in an effort to get people to come to Trinidad to see some quaint old buildings around the Savannah that are falling down, and on top of that we are voted one of the most unfriendly countries to visit.

The police cannot even manage a properties room for evidence. And everybody complains that whatever route the Government takes is wrong. We are just like crabs in a barrel. No hope.

The time has come for some strong decision-making. As an example, a state of emergency should be declared for the Laventille-

Morvant, areas with a curfew from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for, in the first instance, three months— the police and regiment to patrol like “badjacks” during and after curfew and who don’t like it “take a side”.

It’s time we ignore all those loudmouths who do not provide solutions and only find fault. I would suggest the Prime Minister take advice from one of our past prime ministers when he said “let the jackasses bray” since we have jackasses at every turn all braying.

Gordon Dalla Costa

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