Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just like Pontius Pilate...

It is generally taught in business schools that when something goes wrong in an organisation, the chief executive officer is responsible!

This premise does not seem to hold in Trinidad and Tobago.

I listened as Sport Minister Anil Roberts, incredibly, washed his hands, like Pontius Pilate, of all responsibility associated with the LifeSport programme, given the incriminating findings of its audit.

According to Mr Roberts, everyone else—apparently including the sun, moon and stars—was culpable in some form or fashion.

But not him, who conceived the entire programme.

Mr Roberts cannot continue to hide under the carpet of implausible deniability.

He needs to man up and admit the Life Sport programme was a total failure in its implementation.

His refusal to resign over the LifeSport fiasco speaks volumes about the management concepts followed by this Government.

Mr Roberts’s main goal seems to be to keep his job at all costs. Thus, he continually drives into the national psyche the Prime Minister has his back.

He would well be reminded that even the longest rope has an end.

Linus F Didier

Mt Hope