Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kaiso judges deaf to brilliant 'Tainted Legacy'

Some years ago, at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, a relative newcomer to the profession won the Best Supporting Actor category. Also nominated in the category was the veteran actor Jack Lemmon.

It was obvious that instead of being excited by his win, the young man appeared to be embarrassed. He then stunned the audience by inviting Mr Lemmon onto the stage and handed him the statuette, declaring that in his opinion, Mr Lemmon was far more deserving of the honour.

I say all this to help express my opinion that in all the years of ridiculous calypso judging, the results of the calypso semi-finals at Skinner Park this year were the absolute worst ever.

I know it is not within the realm of possibility that the 2013 Calypso Monarch winner would ever dream to emulate the gesture that paid tribute to Jack Lemmon, but I can hope and pray that he or she would be magnanimous enough to make a contribution to that young man, Helon Francis, whose classy delivery of his brilliant composition, "Tainted Legacy" was completely ignored by the brain-dead judges. What a travesty!

I hope they have not broken the young singer's spirit.

The toilet paper crew wasted their product on the wrong persons. I strongly urge a contribution to Mr Francis if, heaven forbid, the Calypso Monarch crown is owned by Chalkdust or Pink Panther.

I close by extending condolences to All Rounder and my admiration to Sugar Aloes.

Tyrone Evans