Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kamla moved wisely in lining up ducks against Anil

 The Prime Minister needs a steel coat. Why? The job makes her a magnet for daggers of treachery, or vengeful parting shots.

Anil Roberts used his resignation letter to: 

1. launch a roundabout 

attack on the Prime Minister

2. dismiss the Westminster system 

3. blame former Cabinet colleagues for his self-induced downfall.

It’s unbelievable Anil doesn’t know ministers cannot dodge the bullet if something goes appallingly awry in their ministries. Constitutionally, ministers are generals, meaning: their contract of employment is compromised when their troops drop the ball.

Arguably, Anil’s premature exit was inevitable, following the furore which erupted when the “Room 201” video went viral. The flick placed him under intense scrutiny and made the climate more receptive to defining him as immoral. That aside, how does one read the tea leaves following Anil’s resignation? What are the implications for Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her 2015 approval ratings?

In his resignation letter, Anil acknowledges he left “because (he didn’t) want to have a negative impact upon...the People’s Partnership Government”. It’s the closest he came to showing remorse. According to Anthony B, he didn’t need to say sorry, the damage was already done. 

If the damning, well-docu­mented evidence of the Sports Company’s (SPORTT) shortcomings wasn’t handled smartly, forces opposed to the Government would have reverted to their true nature as

happens when housebroken wildcats smell fresh blood. In-

­creased street pressure would

have been placed on the Gov­-

ernment, notwith-

stan­ding its enviable track record. 

To her credit, the Prime Minister moved judiciously in lining up the ducks

against Anil. His only recourse was

to walk, once SPORTT’s litany of sins was recited.

His departure therefore has recon-

firmed what people already know of Kamla—she does not run away from challenging situations. The way she dealt with Anil has also completely deflated her opponents. They are probably now huddled over their drawing board, trying to cook up something devilish again. 

Kamla must ignore her opponents. Once she keeps doing her thing, the “Anti-Kamla Axis” will remain in tatters and crash into a brick wall on election day 2015.

Ayodele Chieng

Petit Bourg