Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kamla standing up for what’s right


“women’s advocate”: Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Mark Fraser

It is about time the Prime Minister starts to act appropriately when it comes to dealing with her arrogant, disorderly, insubordinate and, most recently, allegedly physically violent “ministers” within her Government and under her purview.

For far too long, indiscipline, negative and unscrupulous behaviour have been going on in our Government. The Prime Minister should have acted on her official capacities and nip these unruly ministers in the bud a long time ago.

Madam PM, I think you should remind (and better screen) your ministers of what it takes to be an administrator of public office in our country. It takes more than simply wearing a designer jacket and tie but should embody good morals, ethics, scruples and conduct. They are expected to be able to follow a particular code of conduct.

Now, I know there is a line between someone’s public and private life, but in no circumstance should you allow these two to ever intersect. On top of this, there is a common conduct that all citizens should employ in their lives, whether it be public life or private life, and that is having respect for your fellow citizen, be it man, woman or child.

In no manner should there be disrespect and/or abuse towards any individual or faction. We all are human beings and fellow citizens of this land. No one is above any other or should feel entitled to perform any kind of ill conduct or belittle or abuse anyone as they please.

We have been too tolerant to bad behaviours and mentalities for too long, especially towards our womenfolk. Women are not objects to be crudely and rudely spoken to, manhandled or abused (verbally, physically or mentally) in any way.

You, ministers (and you know who you all are), just remember, a woman is somebody’s mother, daughter, sister, wife, relative and therefore should be treated with the same kind of respect as if they were one of your own. Keep this in mind if you ever take God out of your thoughts and want to repeat your negative behaviour.

Now, putting aside all politics and Government business, I am so glad to see our Prime Minister taking a stand on wrong behaviour by so-called dominant, alpha-male figures in public offi­ces, who feel they could say and do any­thing because they are “ministers”.

Furthermore, I am even more glad to see the Prime Minister, as a woman herself, taking a stand for women’s rights.

Madam Prime Minister, you have made history in our country, not only by being the first female Prime Minister but also by being a real advocate for women’s rights in this country. Your actions are speaking volumes across the nation, and I am sure the impact would continue to be felt, even long after this “disgustingly unfortunate incident” blows over.

I implore you to keep up the stance for doing the right thing and also the stance for women’s rights in our country.

I believe and trust that if any similar incidents occur by any other member within your Government, you will do the right thing as you did before, and stand for what is right.

Emma-Jean Laban

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