Friday, January 19, 2018

Kamla and Jack a united force

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words and none more so than the image presented in the three newspapers symbolising how inseparable the political destiny of Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Jack Warner seems to be.

There is little doubt that Jack would have played a major part in shaping Kamla's future though she would have had to possess the stuff of which leaders are made for Jack's initiatives to succeed.

On this basis it was a worrying prospect during the UNC elections about the possible fate of the UNC and by extension the Partnership, if Kamla and Jack were separated by the machinations of those who felt threatened by Jack within the party had succeeded.

There are some within the UNC who out of jealousy, spite and raw political ambition would have wanted Jack to be out of the way to advance their agendas with the PM.

But the PM's handling of Jack overall has been a model of political expediency, satisfying those thirsty for his blood to appear to "do something" by cutting his Ministry and temporarily taking away PURE but never quite abandoning him which to his many loyalists would have been sheer "neemakharamism''.

The time is now right for her renewal of this bond between them. The reinstatement of PURE under Jack is her most politically astute move of late for roads are the most potent instrument of public dissent simply because of their visibility which exaggerates such dissent.

With Jack fixing the roads dissent will fizzle out and give Kamla the breathing space she needs. And this would be the beginning, for her opponents need a strong figure to deal with and Jack is the man.

Dr Errol Benjamin

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