Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kamla’s formula won’t work for Penny


CHALLENGER’: Pennelope Beckles-Robinson

Mark Fraser

 Sometimes the truth offends.  

What worked for Kamla Persad-Bissessar will not work for Pennelope Beckles-Robinson.  

Persad-Bissessar in 2015 will not be regarded as the person who brought down her party should they lose the general election scheduled for that year. She will remain “politically beautiful” for all time. It will be recorded that “is de men and dem what let her down”.  

In fair political weather or foul, she smiles and looks truly contrite if a mistake or misstep is made. If the occasion calls for it, Persad-Bissessar will have tears in her eyes. She is everybody’s grandma. The PM would never walk on to a political platform wearing anything else but the yellow of the rising sun. 

That level of respect has not been afforded by Beckles-Robinson to her PNM party members. Plus the fact that she smiles when it suits her and not otherwise. 

Here in Trinidad and Tobago we attempt to emulate the First World in how we do our politics. 

The only difference is that in certain political areas we work it Trini-style. You have to prove to the public that you either for your party or you against your party. All else is rank hypocrisy. 

Beckles-Robinson appears to have  already “crossed the political floor” and may well end up eating the bread that the devil kneads in 2015. 

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail