Saturday, December 16, 2017

Karl to the rescue

I write on behalf of the former senior guides of Bishop Anstey High School East to pay tribute to a benefactor and a truly humble person. We want to express our deepest gratitude to an earthly angel.

A few years ago our guides unit was going to Grenada on an unofficial holiday. We had planned carefully and efficiently and even decided to take basic foodstuff to cut costs.

We did our homework and we were given the assurance that the extra suitcase would not be a problem because of the nature of the trip.

On arrival and check-in at the airport, and much to our embarrassment, we were asked to pay for the piece of luggage which was by no means lightweight.

We, the adults at the counter, were in a tizzy and were trying to reason with the attendant when the gentleman standing next to me took out his credit card and said “I will pay.”

We were grateful, relieved and happy. We expressed our gratitude and I said, “you are very familiar, you are someone who I ought to know’’.

He smiled, took out his business card and handed it to me. I was in awe. It was our dear Karl Hudson-Phillips QC. We thanked him again and he slipped away. Of course he was on the same flight since he also was travelling to Grenada.

From all of us who were on that holiday thank you, Sir. Rest in peace.

Leonora Marcano

via e-mail