Saturday, December 16, 2017

Karl’s greatest legacy

  You make very few friends after 30 but I am proud to say I became a friend of Karl Hudson-Phillips in my 50s.

He was a very discerning man with a towering intellect, and even while he maintained  his extremely high standards he always had a twinkle in his eye.

Like all great leaders, he brought out the best in you whether at work or play. In his highly engaging presence, you had better make sure your argument or position was well thought out or his inevitably insightful riposte would send your middle stump cartwheeling.

Yet, despite all of his enormous national and international achievements in the fields of law and politics Karl’s greatest legacy is probably his love, care and concern for family and friends.

As one who had only recently become a friend, he immediately called me and offered help after I was attacked on the streets of Port of Spain in 2012. I politely thanked him for his offer and tried to decline saying I was not in the category of persons who could afford his legal services.

At this response, he gave his trademark chuckle and quietly intoned in a fatherly manner, “You are my friend and I want to look after you in this matter”.

I can only imagine that this greatest of human beings is already being of service in the spirit world.

Gregory Wight

St Ann’s