Keep chalice burning...

 REGARDIng the murder of Keyana Cumberbatch, Stephanie Daly is right: no amount of laws can save us. We have been lawyered-out and we are law-tired. We need to recognise what is happening. Single parents, women in particular, are being blamed for their faulty (but driven by economic realities) choices. This mother was not partying—she was at work. But it is convenient to damn her and her choices and spout babble. 

The real question is: How does the village raise the child if there is no village? In this instance, the school is across a busy highway. How do the teachers form part of the village? The caregiver has no means of moving the child from school to her home even as she tried to be part of the village. The suspect could hide and not be shamed since we were busy trying to make “ah living’’. Where does time to build bonds come from? 

They rush to build a sporting complex that we do not want. They build a highway and ignore us when we said this will destroy community. Billions of dollars spent does not mean progress or a better life. Crime is our entire fault, nothing to do with them. The elite gorge on the fat of the land, sit on committees/commissions, consult together to laugh at and fool us. Connect the dots.

Let us fix our own business. Nobody will fix our business for us. We have to create, in spite of “them”, our own communities. We have to know who our friends are. Keep the chalice burning, vampire passing.

Noble Philip

via e-mail

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