Saturday, February 24, 2018

Keep up the good work on ‘Beyond the Tape’

For the first time, briefly, I saw the Beyond the Tape collaboration. It is an excellent initiative since it would allow citi­zens to air issues with the Police Service who are supposed to “protect and serve with pride”. 

It is different so I hope it will continue as it can support the police’s initiatives. In the end, we can stop crime but trying to curb or reduce the varying types of crimes that are manifesting is important.

From what I heard, I found it to be balanced, not cowboy-style, except with regard to questions on officers “giving case by planting”, which I think should have been neither here nor there but work to eradicate it if it does exist. 

Even in the United States, I read some time ago that persons were sent to jail because of bad policing. Personally, I have heard of situations in Trinidad and Tobago, but one must also take into consideration the element of rogue officers who do things like extort drug dealers. They go on

the block and take money without any arrests. 

The point is life is not perfect so no one can put his/her head on a block that all are the same although these criminal elements have some truth to tell but since they are seen as “bad”, their word would have no value and this is wrong. 

I will always call for

an internal affairs divi­sion and at times conducting sting operations on officers, even if it means sitting with the very same criminal elements. The point here is that curbing the internal wrongs will contribute to curbing the external wrongs. 

On another issue, once more, my eyes are burning and my sinus is going mad with the smoke from the Beetham landfill, but the officials say it’s safe! I thought it was said before that such fires would not happen again?

Anyway, continue the good work and all be safe.

C Ramsubag 

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