Monday, December 18, 2017

Keeping an eye on the pie

 Recently we heard of the mayor of Port of Spain making a determination that pies will not be allowed for sale after being on the road for three hours (“Tim Kee: Street vending with conditions” Express, April 2). His expertise has determined that a freshly baked pie has a shelf life of only three hours. Boy, oh boy. I am enthralled by such knowledge, because when I visit my old friend the mayor at his home, I’d have to desist from eating any pies offered, depending on the time they were baked. What a thing!

On the other hand, though, how does the well-intentional mayor intend to deal with other baked products prepared by conglomerates? Some of these products are left on the shelf in rural areas for as much as six days. Uh-huh.

Can he really deal with this?

Since his announcement, with the death of the pie-man being inevitable, apparently the entrepreneurs were in waiting, and at the Golden Grove/CR Highway intersection, a mobile cart now appears on evenings selling baked products! Move over Mr pieman. And soon, now that the supermarkets have begun to sell conglomerate-manufactured sada roti, aka, “flat bread”, are we to see the doubles man next being targeted?

Mr Editor, while the former mayor has proven to be a “wuss”, the present such has no doubt clearly established himself as being “wussier”.

After 50 years of independence, colonialism still rules.

Yusuf Codrington