Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kublalsingh's strike shows up Govt

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh has emerged, in my opinion, as a selfless, humble, courageous and tough individual just like some of our great leaders of the world—Martin Luther King, jnr, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr Kublalsingh is fighting for the re-route of a section of the Penal-Point Fortin Highway and has demonstrated he is certainly not a man against progress or development, but has shown one must fight for legitimate causes, in a non-violent way. This quality is admirable.

Our Prime Minister has been losing points since assuming office and with this issue has lost some more political points. How could a human being be at my doorstep dying, and I leave him there to die heartlessly? I remembered this same Prime Minister touring flooded areas after her party won the general election, demonstrating a caring leader who we once admired. Has the position of Prime Minister transformed her into an uncaring, heartless individual? Is her Government no longer one of the people, for the people and by the people?

Madam Prime Minister, should Dr Kublalsingh die in this fight to re-route part of that highway, would you really feel you have achieved success? Dr Kublalsingh would be adoringly remembered as a man who fought for a cause he and others saw as important. The highway would be stained by Dr Kublalsingh's death, and how would you and your Government be viewed? As one who did not make a concerted effort, or was not creative enough to achieve a solution?

Many outstanding people from our island have visited Dr Kublalsingh. Basdeo Panday has said the matter was handled poorly, Keith Rowley has asked the Prime Minister to review the issue another time to save a man's life. These are humane comments. Others have claimed to understand and admire him and what he stands for. What do the Prime Minister and the United National Congress do? Hold a political meeting and bash a man fighting, and now dying, for a cause. Where are the humane brothers and sisters for whom we voted in the last election? How could I ever want to vote for an uncaring pool of people in future?

In my opinion, there is a bigger issue emerging and it has to do with the incompetence of this Government to solve problems, and its primitive and unacceptable idea of governance.

Dr Kublalsingh's hunger strike has brought the attention and awareness he needs from the public. People, like me, who were minding our own business, now know the issues. With a Government that does not care whether or not he dies, I think he has achieved awareness and that is significant inroads of his fight. He now needs to live to continue to lead and complete his fight with the growing number of people behind him. He must quit the hunger strike now and stand out in front like a shining light and continue to lead the fight.

R Sookdeo

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