Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kudos for SFGH staff

 While it is popular to criticise and condemn the Ministry of Health, I wish to publicly commend and congratulate the staff at the San Fernando General Hospital. 

I feel confident to be able to make this assessment based on my recent experiences. I have been an outpatient at a clinic for several years. Additionally, earlier this year I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and was hospitalised on four different occasions, the last one was for an extended 30-day period. I have also had the experience of being admitted through the accident and emergency department, commonly referred to as “Casualty”. So I can say with all assurance that I am very familiar with several aspects of this institution.  

I wish to compliment the staff—doctors, nurses, assistants and sanitation—for their effective and efficient conduct of their respective duties. This for the most part was done in a professional manner. While I cannot refer to all these people by their proper names I must bestow accolades on a particular male nurse from Ward 9, Nurse Noel from Ward 11 and the surgeon Dr Harrinarian.

 Furthermore, I especially wish to praise the staff at the Haemo Dialysis Unit for their genuine concern for the patients entrusted in their care. This I believe make them more than professionals since they do much more than just their jobs. These nurses attend to the particular needs of each patient.

I would like the Minister of Health to know of these diligent and dedicated members of staff. Despite all the endemic and systematic failures of the  public health care-of which there are many that I might elaborate at another time-some aspects function at an optimal level. I can also offer a few suggestions from a patients’ point of view to alleviate unnecessary distress...but that is also for another letter. 

Kurt Charles