Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kudos to Catholic mas band

 I want to give my support to the letter to the editor yesterday by Orson Rogers and entitled “That was mas!” 

I, too, am of the opinion that the parade of bikini and beads is nothing but a commercial venture to make as much money as possible and has absolutely nothing to do with the culture of Carnival which is supposed to promote local creativity. I am sure the great bandleaders who have passed on are turning in their graves.

I had given up not only in participating in Carnival but even in looking at the television broadcast of the parade on the street when a friend asked me if I had seen the Word and Associates, aka “The Catholic Band”. 

My first reaction was, “What the church doing in Carnival?” Then my curiosity had the better of me and when he called me and begged me to have a look I did take a peek. And what a pleasant surprise! This was last year, 2013. It was refreshing to see a Carnival band with real costumes. I had always enjoyed seeing Peter Minshall and Brian MacFarlane’s bands, but now here was this small band making a big impression.

I commend their designers, Chris Santos and Gregory Medina, for they are giving the Carnival some hope. I found out, too, that people like Rosalind Gabriel and a few others are trying to keep the creativity in Carnival. They need all the support they can get. I am looking forward to what these bands are presenting this year. They have renewed my faith in creativity. Keep it up!

Frank Lee Sing

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