Monday, January 22, 2018

Labour Minister ‘cutting style’

 It brought a smile to my face when I looked at the evening news on June 18. There was ex-comrade Errol McLeod, speaking, in measured tones of course, about not attending the Labour Day parade.  

In fact, I did not just smile, I laughed. It is a matter of record that the labour movement under the People’s National Movement (PNM) did not have a hug-and-kiss relationship with the ruling party. I distinctly remember David Abdulah of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) being hauled by the seat of his trousers into a police car for protesting outside Parliament.

Fast forward to today’s Partnership Government and the entire labour movement being embarrassed and left at the political altar. When they believed they had their own stalwart soldier to give them a ‘political inside edge’. When they believed their comrade would not desert them in their hour of need. The comrade has left them all literally sucking political salt as he rubs shoulders with the masters at their sumptuously laid political table.

I would be very ashamed of the labour movement and all that it stands for if they had even thought of sending Minister McLeod an invitation to come anywhere in the vicinity of Charlie King Junction. If an invitation was indeed extended they were looking for McLeod to cut style on them.

I believe McLeod would know and expect that reactions to his presence would have been less than welcoming. So who is fooling whom, Minister McLeod? Hell hath no fury like an old girlfriend scorned. In local parlance, some would allegedly be saying: “Watch him, like he never expect to reach. Trying to cut style on the people who put you there.”

                                     Lynette Joseph

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