Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lament for our crumbling T&T

It’s extremely difficult to comment on any one issue in Trinidad and Tobago, given there are so many social and political concerns occurring simultaneously: sex scandals, party elections and allegations, complaints (again!) about our hospitals, homicides, etc. Still, several headlines are more disturbing to me than most. 

First, a few weeks ago, a man was sentenced for possession of cocaine in his six-month-old 

baby’s crib, then, more recently, a couple was released on a collective $225,000 bail for sexually 

assaulting their daughter over a four-year period—and part of their attorney’s arguments for their release is they are responsible for the care of seven other children. 

Finally, a father was fined $3,500 on Monday (April 7) for neglecting his son, who has no birth certificate and has never attended school.

All of these things are very disconcerting. It appears our country is crumbling wholesale, from our supposed leaders and institutions to our communities, families and especially our 


Even worse is we are either collectively powerless as a people to stem the tide, or we are deliberately not attempting to do anything, seeking our own individual interests first. 

Adding to all of this is when persons attempt to follow the rules, or otherwise seek social justice, our only recourse is often the last resort of embarrassing authorities into doing the right thing by highlighting them in the media, whether the situation concerns real men who wish only to be involved in their children’s lives or everyday issues that are not being addressed, such as access to proper roads, a proper water supply or good customer service.

Why are we in this state? When are we going to rise above these situations? Do we even really care? Or is it better to sit back and watch in morbid fascination, hoping trouble doesn’t touch us personally?

Marlon Bascombe

via e-mail