Saturday, February 17, 2018

Land of the selfish and ruthless

"Usual sights all over town and the buildings dem lookin' run down and the days are hard and the nights are long, while singing one familiar song. And is ghetto yuh say? Like if ting ent hard enough. You trying to make ting more rough. What? Frustration send yuh off? You tink it sorf, in ah ghetto?"

.. Lancelot Lane,

rapso legend

What is my beautiful country coming to? What is going on T&T? What is happening?

When I looked at the news on Sunday night I cried. I cried because of the pain and grief that father now has to endure, I cried because I felt his pain. The pain of seeing his family lying on the highway. A man's real purpose for living, joy and sanity taken away in a flash. Can you imagine his pain?

And to add fuel to the fire the armed forces decided to open tear gas and shoot rubber bullets at the residents of Sea Lots who were simply reacting out of shock and disgust about something that happened in their area. Instead of empathy they got an iron fist and animal treatment. "Yuh tink it sorf?"

Viewing comments on the online Express it seems as though we as a country have become very selfish. No longer do we seem to care about the value of life. Some selfish citizens seemed more concerned with the traffic woes they had to endure while coming into Port of Spain rather than the lifeless bodies that lay on the side of the road that morning. How selfish can we really be? I was baffled when I saw the lack of empathy being expressed toward the residents of Sea Lots. "And is ghetto yuh say?"

I wonder how they would have treated the situation if this happened in the middle class communities like Westmoorings and Valsayn. Seems as though their noses are stuck too far up in the heavens to notice the average citizens and the pain they have to endure. Or have we become oblivious to the serious issues plaguing our beloved land? Are we today an insensitive people? We have become ruthless and selfish.

Look into the mirror and change your ways. Have a heart! There is power in numbers and the only way we can become a better country is if we as a people stand up for our rights and stick it out together.

On that same day, a teenager was murdered as he went to his mother's house for lunch; sad was her portion when she got the news her son was brutally murdered. "For no reason they just shot him in his head and his back and the thing is he was coming up by me for a meal but if ah know that this would have happened to him I would have come to him," she said . Can you imagine her grief? Or do you even care?

Stop the hell and damnation and let's work together to become a better Trinidad.

Sonia Kewley

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