Sunday, December 17, 2017

Leave sex education in hands of parents

This article was prompted by the Express “Letter of the Day” headlined “Sex education in schools a must” by O’Leo Lokai which was published recently.

While I agree with Mr Lokai that proper education and prevention of teenage pregnancies is the way to go his idea of education speaks only to the destruction of life and the destruction of the reproductive health of females.

His letter states nothing about the teaching of self-control and abstinence, chastity, self-respect and respect for others and an all-round development of good moral values.

He makes these young girls out to be criminals rather than victims who are coerced and lured into situations which are beyond their control.

The real criminals here are the adult men who, instead of playing the role of father and turning these girls away, allow their genitals to speak and act for them.

They have no self-control. Are they simply animals operating only on instinct?

He speaks about the evil crime of abortions as “safe terminations”.

I think he should call a spade a spade; murder is the taking of the life of any human being, no matter how small, and abortion is the most heinous form of murder. It is the taking of the life of the most innocent and vulnerable of human beings.

He should remember that we were all once foetuses or blobs of tissue.

The difference between us and the animals is that we were created with a soul from the time of conception when we were chosen by God to be. Who are we to play God in taking the lives of others? Who are we to say who is to be born and who is not?

I wonder whether the writer of this letter has children and whether he would feel the same way if his daughter found herself in this position.

Choices have to be made in a timely manner. We all were born with freedom of choice and with every choice we make there are consequences that follow, whether positive or negative.

If you have sex, expect to become pregnant. That is the purpose of sexual intercourse—to replenish the earth. If you do not want to become pregnant or you do not wish your partner to become pregnant do not have sex. It is that simple.

The decision has to be made before the act is committed and not after.

With the coming of contraceptives men began to look at women as sex toys or sex slaves. They want the pleasure without the responsibility.

There is no respect for women anymore. How many men and women know that the Billings Ovulation Method is a healthy all-natural method of regulating fertility, postponing pregnancy and monitoring reproductive health in women?

Is the writer aware of this?

How many of you women know that there are no side-effects when using this method and that it is widely accepted in China as the number one form of population control since it is also free?

We need to educate our children yes, but not with misinformation and evil intentions, but by teaching them proper moral and social values through programmes like the Healthy Respect Programme created by Dr Nanci Coppola.

I disagree that sex education in school is a must. I have a teenage son at school and I will never leave his education about sexuality to teachers in school. Too much is at stake. Leave sex education in the hands of parents.

Patrice David

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