Friday, December 15, 2017

Let your placards speak for you

It was amusing to view the strategy used by Minister Anil Roberts to get the People’s National Movement (PNM) “hyenas” to snap at his heels when he chose to walk through the crowd instead of going the established walkway into the Parliament chambers last Friday. Closely accompanied by Minister Lincoln Douglas they ran the gauntlet of irate PNM protesters. It was noted that Minister Douglas took photographs for the record. I would gladly like to be able to see into the future if these goodly gentlemen make it to the Partnership line-up to face the polls in 2015.

As demonstrated by the Prime Minister with regard to Dr Ramadharsingh’s faux pas on the Tobago flight, skin teeth is no longer a smile. Every single Partnership minister must be squeaky clean in all aspects of behaviour. For the time being ministers, “joke is joke”. The Prime Minister no longer has time to allow for crocodile tears. Watch how, when and where you are walking.

One can only say that in this heightened atmosphere that will run until the general elections of 2015, the PNM protesters have to come better than shouting, booing and pushing. Why not just laugh? PNMites need to just fold their arms and laugh or don’t say a word. Keep silent and smile. Why not just walk with some plaster for your mouth, to be placed there whenever Minister Roberts and his sidekick are seen to be approaching?

The political atmosphere would benefit from a change. Let your placards speak for you. Noise is just one way to get your message across. Silence is golden.

Lynette Joseph

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