Saturday, February 24, 2018

Let doubles vendors stay in St James

At any given time, there are several doubles vendors selling this popular, local fast food item on the pavements in St James. As is usual, each vendor may have as many as ten persons waiting to be served. Logistically, we are talking about fifty persons crowding the area around each vendor. Move this scenario to the St James fish market and we have a problem—a huge problem.

Realistically, one could assume that the smell of fish would not be a drawing card, regardless how hungry. The doubles vendors will automatically lose patrons, and the fish and vegetable vendors are going to be crowded out of their long-established places in the market. At present, the doubles vendors have placed themselves at varying intervals along the Western Main Road, each enjoying his own turf.

Visitors to T&T enjoy the laid-back way of living that is synonymous with St James. They are looking for "atmosphere" and the "quaintness" of small-island life. Food malls belong to "foreign". Spending a lot of money to see what is a common sight out there in "foreign" is not what their holiday is about.

The coconut vendors and their donkey carts have been "killed off" in Port of Spain and around the Savannah. Give the doubles vendors in St James a chance.

Lynette Joseph

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