Let’s be super to each other

I sit here reflecting on the end of yet another heart-wrenching year of ruthless murders with far too many stealing away the lives of innocent children, avoidable car crashes resulting in death, and myriad so-called ‘white-collar’ and ‘blue-collar’ crimes.
One must wonder whether we are truly in the last days. Is this Revelations? Are we therefore meant to rejoice that soon this earthly life would be no more? Does this justify our ignorance, our blind eyes, our deaf ears, our choice to fend for ourselves? Or is it that we have become desensitised or simply heartless? I guess it’s a mixture of all of the above.
In a closer analysis, amongst all the controversy and rhetoric, I have found the common thread to be the lack of respect for the frailty of life. Somehow, we have convinced ourselves we are super-humans, and our only power is to please ourselves, disregarding who we hurt or kill in the process.
Maybe this was spawned through this evolutionary ICT era, where we have super vision and can see and often experience real-time events occurring millions of miles away; where we become superstars landing thousands of hits overnight with our twerking skills and self-degradation, and where the words we say can be heard in another country as fast as the speed of sound.
Maybe we are bombarded by so many fake realities that we are simply drifting further away from the truth—the truth of our existence, of why we are here and what we are meant to be doing. We are no longer our brothers/sisters/neighbours/children’s keeper—but why should we be? We are all super-humans right? We have become a people of selfies, a nation of individuals, a country of inhabitants—each one looking out for Number One.
Love, respect and unity seem like our kryptonite. We are immortal. Last time I checked this was just in the movies, 3D and all, but still not reality, and definitely not humanity. Humanity calls for more than pulling out phones to videotape someone in need of help. It calls for more than whispers of abuse that only becomes bullhorns after the victim is forever silenced.
More than promises and propaganda. More than a romp, shake, pretty face, and best body mentality; more than a best ride, most swag and nuff bling/money attitude. It calls for more than a bad drive, alcohol and need-for-speed temperament. It calls for more than a text message to a family member in the other room. It calls for more than the material things used to compensate for your children’s love.
The reality is that life is frail, it’s borrowed time and it comes with a price. It’s debt collector does not issue any warning and needs no assistance/interventions, but there are rules to follow and you have to be ready at any time. The key to readiness is to treat it with respect, love every moment of it, but this does not only apply to your own life, because another thing that’s real is that life is what we all have in common. It flows through all of us and each one of us has exactly the amount we need. We need to respect this commonality.
To really do this we must come to the realisation and take responsibility, accepting that we all play a part in creating each other’s life. I would really like to take all the praise but the truth is you all, whether intentionally or inadvertently, shaped my life and I am shaping yours.
What we do as individuals, a community, a country reflects what we have contributed to—what we have sown; each and every one of us, either by our action or inaction.
If we accept this reality, and I pray that we do, then this frail thing called life could be enjoyed to the fullest and milked till its very last drop. So for 2014 let us not be super humans, no, let us be super parents, super families, super friends, super neighbours, super life-sharers and super Trinbagonians.
Candice Wallace-Henry
Santa Cruz
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