Let’s rebuild T&T together

 As we are about to close the year 2013, mindful of all the spiralling crime, political turmoil, racial tensions and social decadence, God Almighty still sees it fit for our people to co-exist in a plural society.  

We should all endeavour to have one of our national watchwords, “Tolerance”, enshrined not only in our Constitution but most importantly, in our hearts. Wherever we go or assemble, be it in the maxis and taxis, churches, schools, groceries or workplaces, let us always remember that here “every creed and race finds an equal place”. 

Let us rise above the mudslinging, cynicism and sarcasm as often displayed by egotistic politicians and community leaders; and resolve to know that our enemies are not the PNM, Partnership, UNC, COP, ILP or any other political party but rather our real enemies are poverty, crime, racism...and hatred.

As an independent nation, blessed with an abundance of natural resources and the diversity of people from all races, our common goal is to lovingly unite as one people to propel ourselves onwards to economic growth and prosperity to rebuild our country. This can only be achieved by concerted efforts at renewing our ties to one another by respecting and being appreciative of our multi-ethnicity and cultural values. No longer must we segregate ourselves into societal-status bondages as “Mother India”, “Mother Africa” or, may I add, “Mother China”. 

Surely, history will show us that our foreparents have all come from these foreign lands via slavery, indentureship or wilful migration to settle in sweet Trinidad and Tobago. We must all ascribe to the golden scriptural rule: “Do unto others as we would like others do unto us.” Yes, we must now learn to love one another unconditionally as God loves us, despite our differences in race, culture and interests. It is wonderful to know that we as a nation co-exist and live with harmony in diversity. 

This is not the time for divisive behaviour as perpetuated by self-centred, opportunist politicians but about love, cooperation and unity, wherein lie the catalyst for the spiritual growth and social welfare of our citizens. 

Daily, when we have God in our thoughts, words and deeds, He will lead and direct our every step as a people: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

 As we usher in the New Year 2014, let us resolve and continue to pray for those in authority, the elected Government, so that they will rule impartially, without fear, favour or ill-will towards the good governance to and for our people. We all know that “united we stand, divided we fall”.                            

                                     Colin Ghouralal


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