Saturday, February 24, 2018

Licks clearly did not work for us

 Dr Achong Low wrote a letter in the Express  of April 30, headlined “We need more mothers like Ms Bartlett’’,  expressing support for a woman beating her child over a six-minute span. I am bewildered as to how a person who calls himself a doctor can be so myopic. 

Firstly the doctor says that he and his siblings got licks and is suggesting that if they did not get licks they would be social deviants. If that were the case then our prisons would be empty. I am sure if one were to do a prison survey the majority of inmates grew up getting licks. The view of “we all got licks and we turned out fine” is mystifying to me as I for one do not think our society has much to boast about. We are indisciplined in most facets of our lives. We speak poorly, drive terribly, crime is out of control… so sorry to say we did not all turn out all right. 

Then the doctor goes on to lambaste Benjamin Spock for his rejection of beating. Well, Sweden followed Dr Spock’s advice. They outlawed beating children since 1979. They had 87 murders in 2013 for a population of 9.5 million (this was considered a spike as it is normally lower). 

It seems that the facts and scientific data do not support the “spare the rod spoil the child” notion of 3,000 years  ago or whenever that line  was written. Sweden is not unique either as Finland and Norway followed suit in 1984 and they similarly have murder rates and crime statistics embarrassingly lower than ours.

Then the doctor goes on to talk about trajectory and momentum of strokes and how great a mother the beater is. Well, I say the mothers who put in the groundwork and have well-behaved children are the good mothers. And trajectory and momentum had that child bawling on the ground for mercy. 

A good medical doctor should know how the human brain works. The triune brain consists of the reptilian complex, fight or flight mode. This is the part of the brain that is generally stimulated when we are in a state of fear or when one gets licks. 

We go into fight or flight mode where reason and logic are blocked out as survival mode needs quick action. This is not the state of mind that one learns in. So socially it has been proven that licks doesn’t work. 

Check the jails, then visit Scandinavia. 

Biologically, licks actually puts many in a state where they cannot learn. 

It is too bad that we live in a society dominated by ignorance and obeahmen to the point where even doctors ignore proven data and science and support the child abuse because they were also abused.

DB Niall