Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lighthouse vagrant a real menace

ONE morning on my way to work recently, after I left the Sea Lots traffic lights, I noticed the light by the lighthouse was red so I cruised to avoid stopping there.

I was trying to escape the vagrant who is normally there. When the lights turned green I accelerated and made a right at the lighthouse, only to realise on the spur of the moment that the vagrant threw himself in front of my vehicle. I swerved to avoid hitting him and I was this close to the lighthouse itself.

I proceeded to my place of employment and parked my vehicle. By this time my heart was pounding because of this incident.

I then went to the Central Police Station to make a formal report on the matter, only to be told by an officer, "he still there?"and the usual, "we have no vehicle, one just left to drop someone off".

My question is, if the police are aware of the situation, why hasn't anyone in authority removed this man as yet? He knocks on your glass as though you have to give him money; he looks at you as though he could murder you.

I am so fed up with the situation. I am normally an early bird so I would get to Port of Spain at 4:30 a.m.

If I got into an accident and died hitting the lighthouse, what would Trinis think? That I was a young woman with problems at home and I committed suicide?

What a shame that we still have to live in fear in the heart of the city.

I am appealing to someone in authority; please do something about this man before someone is seriously hurt by his actions.

Jo-Anne C Penco

via e-mail