Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lost all faith in our leaders

 I don’t belong to any particular political party. I am just a citizen in this country who knows that we can’t rely on politics to save us.

That said, reading the editorials recently, and I must say it is really sad to see that there are those who will follow after people until they die. Regardless of the wrongdoing it is alluded by these “loyalists” that we should be reminded that we all do wrong and there are things that we have done in our life that we may regret. 

But government ministers are supposed to be held to the highest bar of integrity, why then they act illegally and intertwine themselves in salacious immoral behaviour that we must condone it? 

If our “leaders” are working in the aforementioned capacity that means they should have the attributes that those following them will want to emulate and emulate for this country to move forward, so are the dreams of the everyday man but in the reality that is this country. It is something we should not hold our breath for.

Some advocate strongly for the privacy of Government ministers, but in ministerial life you leave yourself open to public scrutiny and accountability. If your conduct is not becoming then dont’t cast blame. Don’t blow smoke (pun intended). That just goes to show me that you are a hopeless case. 

People voted for this Government because they thought change would come.  I would have believed by now that those loyalists had lost faith but if this is the leadership you want a we are all doomed because their moral compasses do not point north!

K Dass

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