Friday, January 19, 2018

Love is the message for T&T

As we enjoy again another Christmas season, it is most important that we share a main ingredient that is common to all of us, young and old, rich and poor alike. It is customary with us to relax and enjoy the riveting, wonderful sweet strains of soca parang music, wine, sorrel, black cake and other edible goodies as ingredients which make the season a true Trini Christmas in our lovely twin-island state.

Despite the political morass and spiralling crime in all shapes, sizes and fashion we must understand that the Heavenly Father ingrained something in each of us and in our very nature that we cannot deny or alienate ourselves from, ever.

This main ingredient is the most neglected, abused, stifled and often misunderstood element in the history of humankind. The lack of it has become the main reason for hatred, strife, jealousy and a host of other ills which gradually grow from personal vendettas to national discord to international wars.

The Christmas season with all its glamour and abundance in food, music, gifts and festive laughter will pale miserably without the main ingredient of love.

In fact the first Christmas started when the Heavenly Father gave and showered this love towards all of us in the form of His Son Jesus Christ. This love transcends our attitudes and must not be hidden or denied but rather shared with all those whom we meet, greet and relate to regardless of colour, creed or race.

As a nation we have to do our part to show compassion to those who are less fortunate than us. Shower them with gifts of love in the form of food, clothing and possibly shelter. Many times we comfort ourselves with the wait and see approach as we look towards corporate Trinidad and Tobago to help the needy in these times.

But no, in reality, we are our brother's keeper in the true sense of the word to look at the many needy ones like the less-fortunate neighbours, the children who keep looking for Santa to bring them toys, the unemployed parents who want jobs to look after their families, the ill or hospitalised persons who cannot venture out because of confinement and so on.

This Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to reach out with this love to all around us not only in the form of hugs and kisses but to courageously come out of our comfort zones and go around looking out for family, friends and even strangers in need of tangible helping hands for much-needed foodstuffs, toys and other material gifts.

Come on Trinidad and Tobago, let's show "here every creed and race finds an equal place" by bringing happiness this Christmas season. Then we will feel gratified as worthy vessels fulfilling the first and foremost commandment: "Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself".

Colin Ghouralal