Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lovely '50th' logo

"Dey cheat dey cheat…we want to see de score sheet." The quote is taken from a Maestro calypso. It speaks to the lament of pannists every year after Panorama. I was reminded of this when I saw comments online responding to Debbie Boos' winning creation that was chosen as the 50th anniversary logo for T&T's Independence (Express, April 3).

Many of them were not kind. It seems to me that the bitterest of us spend more time online than those of us who see good. But maybe all the views reflect the state of our society.

I don't know what the criteria was for this logo competition but I found the piece to be inspiring and to be "us". I didn't need any explanation. I saw strength, energy, music, diversity. I saw us. Debbie could not hope to please everyone but she did not have to. All she had to do was convince the judges that hers was the best before them in terms of answering the brief.

Maestro (Cecil Hume) died in a car accident on August 31, 1977, Independence Day. Some said he was prophetic when he composed "Bionic Man". Two more Maestro songs come to mind: "Savage" and "Gold". One is appropriate to the online haters and the other speaks of Debbie Boos.

Dennis Ramdeen

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