Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lovely lessons in Christmas


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Christmas is a time when the world seems to pause to listen to music, seek out friends and family and do acts of kindness. 

Consequently, there is the feeling of happiness and a joy that is usually absent at most other times. Perhaps it is time to look at what is the Christmas message. 

Christ, the son of God, the most intelligent person to grace the earth, the most powerful and most wealthy, was born in the most humble place and circumstances. 

His message was that of love for God and neighbour. He emphasised that a neighbour was not defined by race, class, intelligence, political affiliation or religion.

This he demonstrated through parables and his life on earth.

The message of Christ is as pertinent today as it was at his birth.

In spite of whatever argument one may wish to put forward, the happiness and joy of Christmas remains unmatched. 

Christmas gives us a glimpse of what true happiness is and allows us the opportunity to experience what can be achieved if we look beyond our prejudices and selfish desires.

I take this opportunity on behalf of my family and the Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago to wish all our citizens, residents and visitors God's richest blessing this Christmas and New Year.

Steve Alvarez

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