Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Madam PM, please cut your losses


HONOURABLE PM: kamla Persad-Bissessar

Mark Fraser

 If the video shown on the television, showing a gentleman “rolling” marijuana is proven to be a Minister of Government, I would humbly advise the Prime Minister to call elections tomorrow. 

Dissolve Parliament, use sulfuric acid if possible.  Don’t wait until next year, it “ent” making any sense at all. Spare the citizenry. As of now, based on mere anecdotal evidence, every cabinet decision made, media release and contract given would now be tainted by this obvious “mother-of-all-missteps”. 

Madam Prime Minister please cut your losses and save yourself further disgrace. The minuscule respect that some citizens had for your “vibrant, energised” cabinet is now shred to pieces! I mean, what, pray tell, would be the minimum IQ required to be a Minister of Government? Surely it must now be a negative number. Should we now expect the legalisation of “weed” smoking with a retroactive clause? 

Madam Prime Minister, any more firings would just demonstrate the loose grip you yourself have on reality. It would make no difference to the right thinking citizens of this country. It paints you as an ineffective leader who has no control over your Cabinet Ministers or worse, no influence! 

Every citizen has to now wonder, if any or all the rumours floating around about present Ministers of Government have some sort of truth in it. Your cabinet members behave as if they are kids in a candy store.

 There is only one local term which can be effectively used to describe the actions of the man in the now infamous video, and that word would be “dotish”. There is nothing to save Madam Prime Minister, not a coalition, not a party and certainly not a cabinet. Dignity, decency, morality and integrity have left the building. Please follow.

Andy Jangeesingh

via e-mail