Sunday, February 25, 2018

Madam PM, reach out to the man

Madam Prime Minister,

In light of the evidence put forward by both your Government and the Re-Route Movement regarding the construction of the selected part of the southern highway, much has already been said on both sides, yet the saga continues.

Neither party is showing signs of giving in and the fear is that good sense may be lost and a tragic end may be the result for both sides. However, this situation should not bring a tragic end to the life of one as Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.

There is tremendous merit in a Head of Government reaching out and demonstrating a noble conscience at a time when it is most needed. This is the time of Christmas, a time when the virtue of giving from the heart reaches into every corner of our society.

Attitudes and temperaments tend to be at their best. Can we not ask of you, our Prime Minister, to reach out this one last time and demonstrate to this nation that indeed you are of noble ilk?

Even if you are of the opinion that you kept your promise to the Re-Route Movement there are many who say otherwise including Dr Kublalsingh who is prepared to give his life while holding to the view that you did not keep your promise.

Please bring this impasse to an end. I call on Dr Bissessar (husband of the Prime Minister), her son, her sister Vidwattie Newton, and all those who are dear to her to appeal to the Prime Minister and encourage her to do the noble thing and reach out again to Dr Kublalsingh and act with a view of saving his life.

The time has come to act from the heart. It may be that what is needed is a re-routing of the heart.

Life is too short.

B Noble

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