Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Make room forour young people

ON Thursday night, while reading an online edition of one of the dailies, I had a very sobering reminder of what the future holds come 2015 we will be forced to vote for one of two evils. Are we going to return the PNM to power and treat the UNC/ Partnership the way the PNM was treated in 2010? We cannot afford to be flip-flopping from one set of incompetent pariahs to another.

The future of the younger generation and the security of the old will be in jeopardy. Every citizen knows the way our politicians operate, yet the younger generation has not seen the urgency of getting involved.

The problem with motivating the youths to get involved is the negative culture we have introduced them to alcohol, fast cars and Carnival at all cost; everything else takes second and last place. And parallel to those problems is the problem of our senior politicians not wanting to pass on their knowledge, tactics and beliefs.

Our older, most senior, and experienced people are still chasing the almighty dollar as if they can take the billions they made or will make in the casket with them. These experienced men and women keep their talents to themselves afraid that a younger person may take their place.

The GATE programme has been extended; yet, the Government is making no attempt to hire anyone of these graduates? A degree from UTT or UWI is not recognised in North America, where are these grads supposed to get appropriate jobs?

Our senior and accomplished people should invite graduates and others interested in politics and pass on their knowledge to them. Very soon the elders will be getting ready to meet their maker; where will our next group of great minds and thinkers come from?

Dennis Ramdeen

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