Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Male winers just as vulgar

I am tired of seeing letters to the editor and articles in the daily newspapers focusing on women as the centre of all vulgarity during Carnival.

Are we just to ignore all of the scantily clad men “jooking” away behind them non-stop? Is it that women are just vulgar beings with offensive bodies that scar children and men are giv­en a free pass to do as they please?

These myopic opinions pollute our media, and wri­ters behave as though male masqueraders are chastely chipping alongside these immoral creatures (also known as women) while they gyrate all by themselves.

If the gyrating of Car­nival personally offends you, then you are well within your rights to complain. But please don’t conveniently ignore the fact that half of the half-naked masqueraders and winers are men. Big bacchanal over women wining in bikinis but not a word about the bare-backed men on the front pages thrusting their pelvises.

Then after reading this nonsense, I will pick up the newspapers exactly one week later, on Interna­tional Women’s Day, and read about how far we have come in terms of our attitudes towards women.

These ignorant double standards are sickening to anyone who is willing to use their brain.

Mariyah Rahman