Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Many murders still left unsolved

 While the Minister of Nation­al Security is probing how information about a new police Flying Squad  was “leaked” to the Oppo­sition via “mailboxes”, I remain deeply worried about the abysmally low detection rate of murders in this country over the past several months.

In the recent murder of Toba­go­nian James Morris, aka “Mr Mt Pleasant”, there have been no arrests yet. Would witnesses call Crime Stoppers and provide credible information, in return for the reward of $100,000?

I refer to just a few grisly, unsolved murders that have rocked this country over the past several years. I stand corrected if the police have arrested and charged anyone in connection with these crimes:

1. May 2011—45-year-old Bren­ton Taylor was stabbed to death by bandits at an apartment building along Manahambre Road, Princes Town.  Three young children were left fatherless.

2. April 2012—78-year-old Indra Gangabisson was bludgeoned to death at her Carapichaima home. She suffered massive head injuries.

3. July 2012—60-year-old, China-born restaurant owner Wu Xiu Hua was shot dead at her Cunupia businessplace.

4. August 2013—attorney-at-law Wesley Debideen was shot to death seven times in his car, in full view of patrons at Grand Bazaar.

Murderers are happy to be living in this country—they enjoy a full-time career with minimum risk to their lives. Illegal guns continue to flourish. The gun and drug trades are entrenched in this land.

I pray that Almighty God protects the law-abiding citizens of this blessed country.

Reza Abasali

El Socorro