Thursday, December 14, 2017

Maybe UNC wants us to abstain

The Attorney General in an apparent rebuttal of my letter on “Gestapo politics” alluded to a football match in which Brazil was eliminated and fans were watching the game between Germany and Argentina. He offered the legal opinion that the Brazilians had three options. Support one of the other two teams or stay home and not watch the game.

The analogy is that no one is being forced to vote in the “run-off election” and may stay at home.

I am deeply appalled at this uneducated stance.

Elections are designed for people to vote, not to stay home and not vote. It is their civic responsibility and I am amazed that the Minister is encouraging people to stay home and not vote in the “run-off election”. But then perhaps the success of the UNC in 2015 in a “run-off election” is predicated on a no-vote campaign.

Iman Iqbal Hydal