Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Media must educate the people

People are still confused about what the outcome of the discussions between the JCC and the Government really means.

First off from my view what is being requested by the HRM is what they always asked for, i.e. that the Prime Minister keeps her word, which was to stop the work and do an independent review.

The wording in the agreement “Works will continue on the sites of the highway released to the contractor” leaves people confused. What are these areas? This is where we depend on our journalists to report for duty and instead of WOLLING (Wondering Out Loud) on the airwaves, why aren’t our journalists going down there with camera, pen paper and recorders and reporting on the story instead of just sitting in their studios and waiting on stuff to land in their laps? The nation needs our institutions to be strong independent and functional.

Roger Roberts

via e-mail