Mighty words of Dr Bird

 Calypsonians really ketch hell for a long time; like a slave ah wuk, yes ah wuk, Good Lord without pay; ah toil, ah toil, ah toil, yes ah toil so hard each day. Many times I wanted to run, but in my heart there is much to say; an ah pray “d’boss” hear me this day.

You see, politicians don’t hesitate to try and create and den perpetrate fictitious impressions.

Monday to Friday is a damn joke but come Sunday morning, we holier than d’Pope. This can’t work. Kamla Doo Doo Dahlin, sugar dumplin’ I’ll never make you cry; but yuh never miss de water ’till de well run dry!  

All my brothers and sisters this wickedness, crookedness, stupid and malicious time is outa style. 

Get real constructive and try to engage in something to alleviate the present shortage; control the urge to damage and as a people, be less savage. In dis day and age,  remember we pass that stage. Why can’t we forget about riot and scrimmage? Ignore the ole talk and blaspheming the village? Stop going on the rampage in dis day and age. Remember, we pass that stage.

Children go to school and learn well otherwise later on in life you go catch real hell, for there is simply no room in dis world for an uneducated little boy or girl; don’t allow idle companions to lead you astray; to earn tomorrow you got to learn today.

Now the time has come, the walrus said, pull up yuh socks and hold up yuh head.

I am surviving in this hospital bed; but soon meet me in Port of Spain, the same time, the same place; make it fast ’cause ah ready to shake mih waist, in mih fancy suit dat have mih looking so cute! (Ent? Margaret?)  

Ah eh forget Miss Mary, she fadda, she mudda, Mae Mae, Jean & Dinah, Melda (she ever get married??), dat ol’scamp d’Lizard and all mih frens. The battle not over yet, with godliness my heart is set.  Never give in;  Never give up, His Blessings will fill your cup. I may be across d’shore but soon, with His help, I’ll be there. For sure!

Wendy Pitts-Hector

via e-mail

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