Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mills a pleasure to work with


INSIGHTFUL: Therese Mills

Mark Fraser

 In joining the national community in paying tribute to national icon, Therese Mills, I would like to fill a significant gap which is missing in her published resume.

Trinidad-Tesoro Petroleum Co Ltd of Santa Flora, Trinidad, had the honour and privilege of obtaining the services of Therese Mills during the 1970s. It was from Trinidad-Tesoro that Mills was approached and invited to become editor of the Sunday Guardian.

Mrs Mills edited the company’s in-house newspaper, the Trinidad-Tesoro News, and it is recalled that its readers eagerly looked forward to Mills’s fortnightly research pieces on the origins and development of the villages in the company’s areas of operations. These villages extended from Siparia along the Siparia-Erin Road to Erin/Cedros, taking in villages at Santa Flora, Los Bajos, Rancho Quemado, Los Charros, Bennett Village, Buenos Aires, Palo Seco and La Brea.

Apart from being editor of the Trinidad-Tesoro News, Mills was responsible for the co-ordination of activities of the several social and sporting clubs owned by the company at Fyzabad and Palo Seco as well as the many cultural groups which were sponsored by the company.

Prominent among these groups were: 

• Trinidad-Tesoro Starlift 

  Steel Orchestra;

• Trinidad-Tesoro Third 

  World Steel Orchestra; 

• Siparia Deltones Steelband

• St Patrick Voluntary Corps 

  and Brass Band

• Trinidad-Tesoro Players

• Trinidad-Tesoro Folklore 

  parang group (with Daisy 


• Trinidad-Tesoro Los 

  Caballeros parang group

• Trinidad-Tesoro 

  Southernaires choir

• Trinidad-Tesoro Vin 

  Courtney ballroom orches-


• Indira Mahatur Dance 


Mrs Mills’s influence had a considerable impact on the cultural life and community spirit of the various communities in the deep south, as exhibited by the successes in the Prime Minister’s Best Village competitions.

Mills was insightful in her perspectives and creative in her endeavours. 

It was a pleasure to work with her and the company benefited greatly from her many talents.

In departing from the company, Mills expressed satisfaction in the company’s working environment and appreciation for the company’s forward-looking policies in community development and relations. 

But the journalist, par excellence, informed the company’s management that it was her career ambition to become editor of a national newspaper, and that the Guardian’s invitation was a lifelong opportunity which she wished to grasp.

We share the loss and offer our condolences to Therese’s family and staff at the Newsday in their bereavement. 

May she gain everlasting peace.

                                David McKnight

Former administrative manager


Petroleum Co Ltd