Thursday, January 18, 2018

Minister fired every 5 months

Jack Warner is the sixth minister to be terminated within two-and-a-half years. If my mathematics serves me correct, 30 months divided by six is five months.

A minister is fired every five months. Those still employed need to be extra vigilant and stay on top of their game.

The list goes like this: Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Mary King, Collin Partap, Verna St Rose Greaves, Herbert Volney and now Jack. Who is next?

No one is safe. Whether one is fired or told to resign, the end point is still the same ódismissal. The Prime Minister appears to be a very strict assessor, managing by fear. Be competent or be fired.

Jack was her best performing minister. Ask all who have to sing for their supper. He is talented, no doubt about that, but in which direction?

Jack provided funding and comic relief. When he spoke, people laughed at him not with him; it is important to note the difference. He was a liability and not an asset. He came with too much baggage.

There were always dark clouds hovering above him. He is infamous, not only in Trinidad and Tobago but internationally.

Madam Prime Minister, you are nearing the 90-minute mark. You are losing the game. You have shown Mr Warner the red card. You have no substitutes.

You cannot replace him with Mr George. It does not work like that. Call general elections now!

AV Rampersad

Princes Town