Sunday, February 25, 2018

Minister holds key to clearing up video controversy

 The controversial Room 201 video has gone to a point where it is comical at the least, and, at the same time, very unfortunate as the issue drags on. 

To my mind it would have been a very simple thing for the Government minister in question to come right out and deny that he is the person in the video. The onus then would then be on persons with the interest of proving that it is him, to do so.

As it stands now, he has neither denied nor confirmed that it was him, leaving room for the speculation that has now taken on unsettling dimensions. 

There is widespread public opinion that indeed it is the honourable minister. 

This opinion has been accompanied by calls for his dismissal, particularly as he is the person responsible for the ministry that should be upholding higher values for our nation’s youths. This is so unfortunate. 

Since he has not made a definitive statement on the matter, some of our nation’s youths could form the opinion that such behaviour is acceptable.

Further, at every public appearance of this Government minister, he would be under greater scrutiny as people would be looking for dilated pupils, red eyes, or shades to hide the eyes, erratic or slurred speech, rambling or irrelevant discourse, even loud and aggressive tones at times, all symptomatic of people who use drugs.

Of greater interest as well is the action taken by the party to which the honourable minister belongs. He has been suspended for failing to co-operate with the party on its investigation into the video. 

That means, once more, that he has neither denied nor confirmed his role in the scenario. 

The party’s executive have therefore acted on behalf of the thousands of people they represent, none of whom have so far objected to their decision on the matter, which means also that the party faithful also need an explanation from the honourable minister.

Now it has come to the point where the Prime Minister is under public pressure to dismiss this minister, which she has correctly decided she needed a report from him on the matter before making a decision. In the meantime, the speculation continues with national, regional and international implications.  

The only public response on the video by the honourable minister that I am aware of is that the matter is in the hands of his attorneys. What legal action is therefore intended, and to whom, and what will be the basis of the legal action? Is the video a fabrication or is it a breach of some law? 

If so, then who is responsible for the lie and who has broken the law? 

Perhaps this Government minister by his actions is saying it is not him in the video. However, it is quite a cumbersome way in which to make a simple statement and, which could have avoided the unpleasantness of all the reactions thus far.

So the question remains, if it is not the honourable minister in the Room 201 video, then, who is it? 

Would the person in the video please come forward and save an honourable man from this continued, and most probably unfair public ridicule and embarrassment.

Garvin Cole