Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ministers callous, PM silent


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Just over two weeks ago Dr Wayne Kublalsingh took the decision to engage in a hunger strike in furtherance of his, and the Highway Re-Route Movement's aim to have the Prime Minister honour a promise she made. He has made it clear that it is not the intention of the Movement or himself to have the highway project stopped.

All they require is for the PM to keep her promise to put construction on hold until environmental impact and cost-benefit analyses are done.

While many will disagree with his modus operandi, Dr Kublalsingh should be commended for having the courage of his convictions.

It is contended by the Prime Minister and some of her cabinet colleagues that the analyses were done but there are concerns regarding the independence of the analysts.

Given the seriousness of the situation, it is reasonable to expect that the results of the analyses would be published, in the interest of public information and hopefully to defuse the situation.

Many disparaging remarks have been made by ministers about Dr Kublalsingh. It was claimed that he was acting like a "spoilt child", that proved to be just a mild retort considering what transpired on Monday night at Debe High School. To see a minister say Dr Kublalsingh "is killing himself and he should do so quickly" is totally disgusting. It speaks of an unacceptable level of callousness and arrogance. There were also disparaging remarks made about the gentleman's family. To describe the family as "a cult" and express the hope that the word was properly pronounced was distasteful, offensive and could only emanate from a puerile mind.

What is most painful about all of this is the PM's deafening silence. The world is looking on at this situation. There surely must be among our citizenry persons eminently qualified in conflict resolution. Seeking their assistance in this matter would in no way diminish the image of this administration. Au contraire, such action would go a long way towards enhancing its image, which by the way is in dire need of such enhancement.

Elias Lewis