Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ministry awaiting feedback

I WRITE in response to a letter published in the Express of March 13 and written by one Heather Martin of Arouca.

Thank you, Ms Martin, for your keen interest in the national consultation on constitutional reform. My apologies for your not being able to access the information you required.

Written submissions to the national consultation on constitutional reform may be e-mailed to; posted to Reform the Constitution,

Second Floor, Registration House, 72-74 South Quay, Port of Spain; or

faxed to 623-6559.

Please note that this information has been in the National Consultation on Constitutional Reform Schedule press advertisements, which have been running in all three daily newspapers. Also, on the flyer to which you refer, you will note that there is a website which would also have directed you to the information.

As regards your concerns about the Ministry of Legal Affairs’ lack of use of social media, the ministry is indeed au courant with the popularity of social media and has had a Facebook page and Twitter account(@ConstitutionTT) from the inception of the consultation.

The ministry looks forward to receiving your written submission.

Cheryl Lala; Communications and policy adviser to the Minister of Legal Affairs.