Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mischief makers in the mix too

I spent another distressing four hours in traffic on Monday morning due to the well-worn habits of the Sea Lots residents. I am absolutely sure that the nation's capital barely progressed on Monday but no one says a word about the loss of productivity as a result of this protest action.

Whilst I share grief with the rest of the nation over the gruesome loss of lives on Sunday I truly believe that this protest action was uncalled for. I understand that the family members would be distraught over the incident but is it necessary for the residents to go to such extremes?

Since 2013 kicked off, we have seen accidents nearly every week! The number of road fatalities rose every time we blinked but were there fiery protests and violent acts committed against the authorities every single time there was an accident? What would be the state of Trinidad and Tobago if such occurred? We would have police and fire officers scrambling all over the place and the country would have gone into a state of anarchy!

To me, it seems as though some of these individuals who are claiming to be fighting for justice are just on the streets to cause mischief and mayhem.

This is a golden opportunity for them to flounce in the streets and flaunt their "bad-john" behaviour as though they rule this country with their ferocity. They couldn't wait to turn the whole story around and attack the police, who have been sniffing them recently, as "grieving citizens".

Time after time we have seen them do nothing but disrupt the country and attack innocent motorists and the police.

Trevor Gore

San Juan